she won the crown for miss Virginia and thought that she would only be good for singing, which was her talent for the competitions. She won Miss America and was thankful!


Teyana On Her Album Delays
You know what I learned. Patience is everything. When you have an artist that does so much it’s hard to find that right record when your artist sings every genre. It’s like what’s gonna fit her? And then there is the process of trying to pick a song so, you know…

On projects she is currently working on
I would just go do movies and come back and do the album later. That movie money is great. I have alot of things coming up as far as designing for other clothing lines and creating collections and stuff. I do alot. People assume that because they don’t see you, you’re not doing anything. I do alot behind the scenes. That’s where the money is.


Haiti Update..

The largest aftershock since the killer quake struck on January 12 rattled masses camping on the streets but appeared not to cause any new destruction or slow international relief bolstered by increasing numbers of U.S. troops.

The 6.1 magnitude aftershock at daybreak sent shrieking Haitians running from buildings and walls fearing a repeat of the magnitude 7 earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people eight days ago.

“Things started shaking. We were really afraid. People came out into the street,” said Victor Jean Rossiny, a law student living in the street. “We have nothing here, not even water.”

Desperate and hungry residents of Port-au-Prince have been sleeping outdoors because their homes were destroyed last week or out of fear of aftershocks.