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teyana@TEYANATAYLOR STOMP THE YARD 2!! get ready for me!! ATL HERE I COME!!!!


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Why the name Power?
Power is confidence. The confidence to deliver your answer when you are in a board meeting is what will allow you to move up faster. The confidence to be yourself in front of people creates a separation. The people that you saw speak ahead of me at this event had to read their paper that people prepared for them. I didn’t, my confidence will allow me to do things my way and help people make a decision. People will like the idea of me just being me.

Do you think your fragrance will sell better than those by Jay-Z, Diddy, and Usher?
I don’t think it matters. I think it will be there as a representative of what I feel like is quality right now. People can decide. The consumers will decide that. If I said something to the likes of me feeling like I would be more successful than those other projects, it might turn some of them off. So I wouldn’t answer that question. I’d leave that to them to judge.

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chris browncrawl

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Rihanna’s new single Russian Roulette premiered today and is different from her other hits. check it out!


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